I am very passionate about Nigerian and African financial issues and most of my works would be to create awareness on such issues and how to get the continent to start moving in a growth trajectory. I have also authored 6 books on these issues, as an Investment Advisor, Blogger, Consultant and Author, I would really want others to benefit from my research works. As China, Crude Oil and global Currency devaluations are about to push the global village into recession by 4th quarter of 2016, countries in Africa must be well informed of this impending economic down time to be adequately ready for it. For more information on the 2016 global recession, check and sign up for blog updates.

You can also check out any of those books

Nigeria Troubled African Giant Published 2009

Africans Cry for Help  Published 2011

Crude World of Oil Published 2012

African Dilemma Published 2013

Africa, Emerging or Tapering Continent Published 2014

Nigerian Promising Era Published June 2015

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